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Senecio radicans (long form)

The leaves of Senecio radicans (long form) are thick and succulent and shaped like little green beans strung along the thin, thread-like, green stems. This creeper trails along the ground and will cover the soil surface and trail over its container. It makes an interesting hanging basket. Or it could be grown in a mixed container and trail over the side.This South African native is one of several succulents that are called “Window plants” or “Window Succulents”. There is a thin vertical, translucent line along the leaf that acts like a window. This window allows light to penetrate the interior of the leaf where there is chlorophyll. The chlorophyll on the leaf surface and inside the leaf takes the light and manufactures food for plant growth.

Care of Senecio radicans (long form):
Shade to sun, temp. 50 to 100 degrees, trailing to 18 to 24 in. Allow to get dry between waterings.

Family: Asteraceae

This plant is shipped in a 3.5 - 4 inch pot.

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