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Plants will look similar to the photo below.

They can range in size up from what you see here depending on the time of year and how long we have held them.

Pot Sizes

Some damage is to be expected.

We do our best to carefully pack your plants so they will arrive in good condition. Things outside our control and traits unique to the individual plant can make some damage occur. Please expect this.

Some plants are divas!

Some plants just do not like to be shipped and or moved. They will wilt and loose leaves. Give them some time to adjust. Most important is not to panic. Don’t repot, fertilize or water if the soil is moist. These things can make the situation worse. Give the plant some time to adjust and grow out.

Be ready for your new plant.

A lot of our plants are great houseplants and will adjust to your living conditions for the most part, but some have very specific needs that have to be met to thrive or even survive. Do some research on your new plant before it arrives and be sure you have made arrangements for any special needs it may have. We ask that you do not re-pot your plant for 30 days after receiving it. If you do choose to re-pot your plant it will void our warranty.