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Cissus discolor (Silver Form)

Due to the sensitive nature of this plant - it is ARRIVE ALIVE ONLY plant warranty. We highly recommend that you ship this plant via Overnight shipping methods. This plant requires very high humidity and does not ship well. It is very likely that you'll receive the plant with some crispy/dry leaves & this is perfectly normal and to be expected.

Cissus discolor (Silver Form) is a fast growing, exotic looking, trailing vine, which is sometimes called “Tapestry Vine” or “Rex Begonia Vine”. It is not a begonia, but the medium sized lance shaped leaves have the bright colors of Rex Begonia leaves. The leaves on this form are a bright silver and under the right conditions has a purple midrib that bleeds out into the leaf. It is a native to Java and Cambodia and makes a gorgeous hanging basket. The leaves and stems produce a natural secretion, tiny opaque dots, called cystolyths. These little crystals are sometimes thought to be pests, but are not harmful. Grow this Cissus in a hanging basket or let it climb up a trellis. It loves the heat. If it gets too cool in the winter it will drop its leaves but don’t over water, and it will begin growing when it warms in the spring. This plant is for very experienced growers and is quite difficult in a home environment.

Care of Cissus discolor (Silver Form):
Partial sun to shade, temp. 50 to 95 degrees, trail to 4 to 5 ft., allow getting fairly dry between watering; very high humidity (>70%)

Family: Vitaceae

This plant is shipped in a 3.5 - 4 inch pot.

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