Why we are switching to FedEx

In today’s uncertain world things change and sometimes not for the best. At the beginning of this year the USPS made some changes and they by far were not for the best. The changes cause long delays in shipping and lost packages. This was so extreme that we had to do something, so we started looking for an alternate method of shipping.

We found UPS we worked with them on getting the rates to that of almost what the USPS was offering and proceeded shipping, at the same time we still allowed people to choose to ship with USPS with the understanding that due to the long delays we were unable to guarantee any of the plants shipped by them.

UPS was doing better delivering than the post office, but we were having issues with mishandled packages and temperature control issues. Now we are making another change. We have partnered with FedEx to bring you what we hope to be a worry-free shipping experience. While we know that no carrier is going to be perfect, FedEx has some great features that will help us fulfill orders in a much more efficient manner and will help ease some of the stresses with shipping for you.

FedEx now delivers 7 days a week, so if your package does get delayed in shipping for one reason or another, you do not have to worry about it spending the weekend in a warehouse. They also offer package rerouting; At any time during shipping you can have the package deferred to any FedEx authorized pick-up point or Walgreens in the country, where you can go and pick up your package. This will be especially useful if you are concerned about being home when the package arrives, be it for possible theft or unfavorable weather conditions. We will still offer USPS to those who would like to use them and for areas that FedEx possibly does not deliver to.

We understand that sometimes change can be hard, but we hope you find that this one will make all our lives a little better in the end.

Darren Heppel
Operations Manager
Steve’s Leaves, Inc.

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