Staff Picks

Darren's Pick

Monstera adansonii

This plant has it all. Fast grower. Beautiful fenestrations in the leaves create texture an interest. This plant is very good at adjusting to home environments. It is sure to bring that little extra something to your home or office.


Deb's Pick

Pilea mollis 'Moon Valley'

I have picked Pilea 'Moon Valley' for its easy care and love of humidity. This makes it great for terrariums! But the real beauty of this plant is its leaves..... Beautifully textured and the pretty pattern make it one I would highly recommend to our plant-loving customers.


Ryan's Pick

Monstera siltepecana

This plant is at the top of my list for two reasons. first is its ease of care and fast growth. This plant will climb or cascade in a pot and do it pretty fast. Second is the silver hue to the leaves. The leaves will get larger and split if allowed to climb. But it will keep its silver hue as it gets older.


Don's Pick

Flamingo Queen

Flamingo Queen is one of those begonias that make you do a double take. The large light green leaves sport large silver dots, But when the plant blooms is when the real show begins. large racemes of bright pink flowers make this plant really show off.


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