We get lots of questions about shipping. Let us tell you a bit about our process and some things you might want to know.

We ship orders out on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at this time.

Starting Mondays, we ship all orders that have come in from 12:00 am Sunday through 11:59 pm Saturday of the previous week.

You do not need to submit an email requesting orders to be combined. We will automatically combine orders that have the same name & shipping address into a single shipment. However, we will be doing TWO sets of combined orders:

  • one set for orders placed 12:00 am Sunday – 11:59 pm Thursday
  • one set for orders placed 12:00 am Friday – 11:59 pm Saturday

We now offer both Fedex and USPS shipping options, but due to delays in the USPS system, we can only guarantee live arrival if Fedex is selected.

We do not ship internationally.

In the Winter months we check each orders destination to see if it is safe to ship. If the Temperatures are below 32 degrees to 20 degrees, we will ship your order with a heat pack at no charge. If your Temperatures are below 20 degrees, we will hold your order in the warmth of our greenhouses until we can find a safe window of shipping weather.

If for some reason you need to change your delivery address, we can handle it 2 ways. 1st if your order has not been shipped please send us an email [email protected]. 2nd if the order has shipped please go to Sign up there to make changes to delivery addresses. This feature with the USPS is great. You can even have them hold your plants at the post office for pick up or schedule a day for delivery. You have a lot of control over your mail where we do not.

On occasion the postal service man handles some packages and they look a little rough on arrival. Please open the package as soon as possible and document any damage with your camera. Send us the photos and let us know what happened. After that follow our what to when your order arrives info.

If you need us to hold an order for you, we can for a short time. Please be aware of any cold weather in your area as you place an order. due to space limitations we will only be able to old your orders for a maximum of two weeks.

Steve’s Leaves Winter Packing FAQ

Here at Steve’s Leaves we ship all year. Here are a few FAQ’s asked about our winter shipping.

  1. Do you ship with heat packs?
  2. Yes. No need to request one. We will check the weather in your area and add one if the temperatures are below safe shipping levels.


  1. Do you charge extra for heat packs?
  2. In the winter our shipping goes up just slightly due to the extra materials and labor use to pack for cold transit, but we do not directly charge for heat packs.


  1. Is it ever too cold to ship?
  2. Yes. Sometimes areas are too cold to even ship safely with a heat pack. In this case we will hold the order until we can find a good weather window to ship. On occasion this can be many months. We will hold a plant as long as we can but sometimes the become too big to ship if held too long.


  1. What do I do if my plants are damaged by the cold?
  2. Please take good photos of the box, packing materials and the plants and send them to [email protected]


  1. When can I expect my plants?
  2. We ship out on Mondays and Tuesdays. We ship all the orders that came in the previous week from Monday to Sunday. If you order your plants on a Monday it will be a full week before they are shipped.


  1. Will I get any notification when my order ships?
  2. Yes. Our system automatically sends out emails with shipping and tracking information as soon as we ship your plants. Be sure your email is entered in correctly when you are checking out, this is the main cause for not getting notified.

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