The Selaginella Family

A couple of plants that are speaking to me right now are the Selaginella kraussiana sisters. They are green and aureaAurea is the beautiful sister with the lovely golden leaves, while green is the practical sister.

These two plants grow side by side and get along very well. They both make very nice groundcovers in a terrarium or in a dish garden, in a bright window, in the house. If you want excitement, try aurea. If you just want some nice rich color, try the green one. They can stand alone in a nice pot as a low trailing plant. One thing they do not like is warm dry air. Keep them in a cooler spot where the air is not as dry and they will reward you with a beautiful green or golden color and a fine texture.

Their cousin Frosty has just become available.  Frosty’s full name is Selaginella martensii ‘Frosty.’ This cousin grows taller—it will get 6 to 8 inches tall. The tips of the stems in our greenhouse conditions are light yellow, but in very bright light, (not hot sun), the tips will be white. Like her cousins this cultivar does well in a terrarium or in a cool room with a little extra humidity.

— Don


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