Auction FAQ

All auctions will begin at 10am CST on Friday mornings and will last until the following Sunday evening. Auctions will begin closing in 5 minute intervals at 6pm CST.

Payments for won auctions must be made within seven days of the auction’s close. If payment is not received within this time frame, we reserve the right to relist the auction item in question. If you are having any technical issues with payments please contact [email protected] for assistance.

If a bid is placed on an auction within 2 minutes of its close-time, the auction will be extended by an additional two minutes to allow other bidders a chance to counter bid. The auction will be extended with every bid until bidding from all parties stops. This prevents what is knows as “sniping” — bids placed at the last second that are likely to exceed the current maximum bid and win the auction without giving others a chance.

Proxy bidding allows you to set a maximum bid amount, and the system will automatically bid on your behalf until your maximum bid is exceeded. This allows you to step away from the auction without having to check back every time you are outbid. Proxy bidding is automatically enabled. All you have to do is enter your maximum bid and let the system do the rest for you.

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