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In the past the release of our variegated monsteras has crashed our website. Until we can get a solution in place or a new website built, we will be selling all of our variegated monsteras on this page. Along with them we have the occasional stock plant, overgrown or special plant that we add to this page as well.

During restocks of highly sought after plants we have to put a buffer in due to the website overselling. Sometimes it does not oversell and we will have one or two plants remaining. Instead of putting those plants back on the site and the system sending out 100’s of emails from the waitlist for just a couple of plants we most likely will be putting them here as well.


UPDATE: The Memphis FedEX facility that processes all of our Express shipments is still catching up with the delays caused by the cold weather. Express shipments will now be sent out Monday, March 1 at the earliest.

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